The Department of Western Languages and Literatures, Translation and Interpreting (French), which was founded in 1992 in the Faculty of Arts and Science, aims at educating students to achieve a strong awareness in their profession to be able to keep up with the sectoral innovations in the fields of technical and literary translation, and interpreting. 



Students who join the department are requested to have a B2 level in French. In their four-year B.A. program, students can take major area courses, English and learn an additional language choosing among the elective foreign language courses (Italian, German at the moment. and Spanish will be added in the 2018-2019 academic year). Students completing the fourth semester are expected to do two internships in sectoral institutions and companies. They are expected to prepare a bachelor’s thesis in the eighth semester.



  • Simultaneous Interpreting Lab: 2 interpreter cabins, 1 TV, and the required simultaneous interpreting equipment.
  • Technical Translation Lab: 29 computers equipped with specific CAT programs.
  • Language Lab


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