Our department has implemented various academic projects, some of which are EU projects, AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie) and several joint projects carried out in coordination with other foreign universities. AUF is an international organization in which partially or fully French-medium universities can take part in. This organization has awarded the membership only to five higher education institutions in Turkey. Having awarded our university with full membership, AUF presents a number of scholarship and academic project opportunities for our students and academic staff.


Besides, AUF has supported the project for the foundation and sustainability of Francophone Achievement Centre.


Francophone Achievement Centre, works within Yildiz Technical University, and hosts activities related to the teaching of French language along and the promotion of French culture.


Some of the projects undertaken by our department:


•          "The project for the establishment and conduction of YTU EU Office" (2004-2009)


•          "The project for YTU Francophone Achievement Centre (Centre de Réussite- CRU)"


•          "The EU project for PERMIT (Promote Education and Reciprocal Understanding Through Multicultural Integrated Teaching)" (2008-2009)


•          "The project for the Design and Online Teaching of Interphraseology Modules for the Academic Study and Work/Labour Mobility within the EU"


•          "The project for a bibliography of French authors: Guy de Maupassant"


•          "The project for a bibliography of French authors: Gustave Flaubert ve Flaubert Sans Frontières"


•          "The project for French Language Teaching at YTU" run between AUF/BECO and YTU (2017-2018)