Extra-institutional Partnerships


Yildiz Technical University European Union Office, founded in 1994 by our department and Francophone Achievement Center (Centre de Réussite Universitaire CRU), founded in 2014 in collaboration with AUF, an institution supporting co-operation among French-speaking universities and institutions, are some of the main projects that have been implemented by our department.


Our department, on behalf of Yildiz Technical University, continues the efforts on designing the National Occupational Standards in Translation in collaboration with the Professional Competency Board within the body of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.


Our extra-institutional partnerships with national/international institutions, universities, NGOs and the private sector can be listed as follows:


Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreements 

Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie

Professional Competency Board

L’Institut français de Turquie

Instituto Italiano di Culturo Istanbul

Translation&Interpreting Association Turkey

Şişli Hearing and Speech Impairment Centre

Music for Peace

French Teachers Association